Chiang Mai, Thailand

It’s what it says on the box. Audio Post Production, that’s what we do. We’re a boutique studio, set up in the North of Thailand. We have three spaces.  The recording room for ADR, Foley and general audio work, the control/editing room and the audio engineering or mixroom. Take a look at the above pictures. We provide an outsourced audio production service for your professional audio production jobs.

We are Digital Mixes

What work do we do?

We are interested in working on the post production sound of your film, documentary or promotional videos and are also skilled at audio batch processing, archival and sound rescue. We have enjoyed working within audio forensics for legal work.  Dialogue editing, ADR, Foley sound, sound design, mixing.

Digital Mixes has also been working with ambisonic and binaural microphones for many years. Currently we are beta testing software for VR audio applications.

We work on many different kind of projects though we are particularly interested in independent productions. Naturally we have to earn a living but we will possibly be able to save you money when budgets are tight.

We can also provide onset production sound services for which we could then provide audio post production. This has worked well in the past.

Spaces and tools

Although we are not dolby approved we have a well set up 5.1 Neuman system. Our mixes pass QC.  We can prepare for a larger studio mix or provide our own stereo and 5.1 mixes.  We can conform to any loudness standard specified by the client.  Currently our default is EBU R128.

As part of the mixing process we prepare for the localisation of your pieces with M&E mixes which have no dipping and are filled making it simple for localisation and distribution to other countries.

We use Steinberg Nuendo as our main editor.  Complemented with Izotope, Audioease, Universal Audio and Lexicon plugins. We have a powerful system supported by a seperate editing suite and recording studio.

For microphones we use Sennheiser, Shoeps, Soundfield, Avantone, Neuman, DPA, Sanken, AT and Rode. Audio interfaces are Universal Audio,  Preamps include Canford Gardens, SSL, Sound devices and Focusrite.

For sound rescue, de-noising and other prep we use Izotope RX Advanced. We are part of the beta testing team for the RX series. We can also undertake audio forensics work.

Sound Resources, ADR and Foley Recording

We have a sound library and online resources, the studio for recording ADR, Foley and sfx. We are experienced at successfully setting up remote ADR sheets for recording pickups using just a boom (which matches the original sound from the film) supported by reference audio files. It works. We can also help you with music cues whether you are looking for library or bespoke music. We can identify a music composer and work on your behalf with them. If you want to come and have a holiday in North Thailand and work with us on an edit we have a guest house next to the studio!

Production Path

It’s a simple process. We can sign an NDA or work on trust.  You send us a watermarked copy of the locked off footage with stereo audio from your video post production work. We’ll give you a quote, make comments and create terms of reference so we all know where the goalposts are.

After organising your picture editor audio timelines and getting rid of audio files that will not be needed you will simply output an OMF or AAF file and send it to us. We will use the video you have already sent as our timing reference. We will also ask for the raw sound assets and reference script. We’ll get on with it and give you regular updates.


Final word

Most of all I would like to say we are creative and committed to the work that we do.  We will listen to what you have to say and we will endeavour to contribute to the project and make it sound great. Looking to outsource audio post production work? Talk to us!

Please visit Digital Mixes and find out more about us. Thanks for stopping by.

References on request.